Simply put, we are men who like to sing together! We sing in a style called a cappella - without any musical instruments. We sing in Four Part Harmony - the four parts being Tenor, Lead, Baritone and Bass. The notes of a song are comprised of chords from these four parts. When the four parts combine, they result in very pleasing overtones causing a melodic ringing effect. While Barbershop is similar to other forms of a capella and doo-wop harmonies, our arrangements are in Barbershop format.

Check out one of Barbershop music's most famous quartets, the Buffallo Bills:

This is one of current Barbershop music's most famous quartets, The Ringmasters

The Burlington Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is proud to present its Green Mountain Chorus and quartets in their 67th annual show. The chorus is Vermont's premier male barbershop singing group. We represent the state throughout New York, New England and Eastern Canada. The chorus traditionally ranks well in Northeastern Division and District competitions.

The Green Mountain Chorus is based in the Burlington area but its members hail from all over and come from many diverse locations throughout the state. The members near and far travel weekly for rehearsal and other chorus functions.

Director Biographies:

Jim Coates: Director

Jim Coates is a 36-year barbershopper. He has been a certified contest judge for 25 years, and has taught, judged and coached choruses, quartets and individual barbershoppers all over the world. He is an avid quartet man and tag singer as well as a chorus man. He has directed barbershop choruses in Ohio and New Hampshire, and currently co-directs the Champlain Echoes, the ladies' barbershop chorus in Burlington, with his sweetheart Carol Spradling. Jim says, "I am really looking forward to being at the helm of the chorus for the next stage of our journey. Greg has worked so incredibly hard for GMC over the past 25 years, and I consider myself very fortunate that Greg is not stepping away, but stepping onto the risers. I can't wait to see what the future brings for the Green Mountain Chorus."